What We Do

What is ASPEN

ASPEN provides an intelligent, active cyber defence for cyber systems.
It enables visual monitoring, threat detection & remediation of a wide range of cyber attacks in real time.

Integrates with both:
  • On-Premise IT Systems
  • Cloud Services

ASPEN serves as your sophisticated cyber eyes and ears, that will watch what is happening inside your system and take care of issues detected.

ASPEN protects your system from:

  • Malware unknown to your Antivirus
  • Privileges Escalation
  • APT
  • Backdoors
  • Use of Anti-forensic techniques
  • Remote exploit
  • Targeted attacks
  • Internal Intruders

and many other threats...

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Who we are / Our Expertise

AST has a team of security professionals with decades of hands on international experience in designing, developing and deploying cyber security solutions for critical businesses.
In the past, our people have led the teams that secured Industrial systems, stock exchanges, Olympic Games, financial institutions, etc. protecting more than 50,000 servers across 90+ countries.
To protect your system we utilize our cyber security knowledge, tools & techniques from both the east and the west

Others describe us as:

  • Friendly & Flexible
  • Highly experienced & professional
  • Focused on delivering results

ASPEN Features

Big Data

We handle Billions of events each day

Real Time Detection

We detect threats in real time, using sophisticated and high performing correlations and AI

Auto Remediation

We take automatic actions to eliminate or mitigate the risk of a live attack

Hacker Traps

We set up multiple hacker traps all over your system, deceiving & catching the attacker

Visual reconstruction

We make complex relations between multiple entities easy to understand

Forensic on a click

Like video surveillance, we enable you to literally see and investigate who was doing what at any point back in time

Fun Facts

"It takes ASPEN less than 5ms (milliseconds) to detect an attack."

"ASPEN makes forensic analysis instantly available, in just one click"

"Just like in a movie, you can watch who was doing what in any moment of time"