What is Vandalert ?

Vandalert is a project that got EU funds 2013 reward for innovation. Project objective is to resolve problems related to vandalisms on web sites, such as site defacement, spam content posting, DoS/DNS attacks and malicious code injections.

How to access Vandalert service ?

Please visit official VANDALERT service website. There you can find additional information regarding Vandalert service.

Where is a problem today ?

Major web vandalism problem root causes are:

  1. There is no technology today that can prevent web hacking. A proof for this is that even companies with enormous budgets for cyber defense are being hacked. For example, Syrian Army hacking grouped hacked sites of all these companies: BBC News, the Associated Press, National Public Radio, Al Jazeera, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post.

  2. Can you imagine how many sites are hacked today? Based on Forbes document, it is about 30,000 sites per day! Just number of visible hacked sites ("defaced") raised from 200,000 in 2012 to 300,000 in 2013. On top of it, there is raising number of malicious code injections in web sites that existing antivirus technology will not be able to detect. Recent 2014 Verizon reports states that largest increase is in web attacks.

  3. By 2020 there will be more than 5 billion Internet users and every retailer will have online presence1 while multipolar world will face more geopolitical challenges, so number of political groups looking for visibility will be increased. Therefore total number of web vandalisms is expected to rise too.

How does Vandalert do it?

Our solution is based on various types of intelligent automated analyses:

  • We are performing continuous checks of actual site content, up to once per minute.

  • Content checks we are performing are visual analyses, text analyses, semantic analyses, page elements analyses. Some of these analyses are algorithm based, some are machine learning based.

  • We also performing related domain data checks – Whois data analyses, DNS data analyses, third part site content analyses (hackers sites, search engines, registries, black lists, etc)

  • We do performance tracking for each page element (different HTTP(S) response times used for obtaining site content – dns, ssl, connect, send, receive timings)

  • We perform malicious code injection scans

  • We provide all these check from different regions in the world