About our company

Advanced Security Technologies is a holistic, end-to-end approach to business risk and cyber security; we address the full threat landscape from technology security, people and processes, security operations, security strategy, policies, procedures and governance. We reduce risk by assessing, transforming and managing client’s full security threat environment. By truly integrating the security approach into client’s business and IT service management, Advanced Security Technologies is able to bring efficiency resulting in lower cost of ownership.

Advanced Security Technologies is designed around four main components:

  1. Security Operations Services
  2. Security Products Development
  3. Security Technology Advisory
  4. Audit, Compliancy and Risk management

The AST service focuses on delivering the following objectives:

  1. Addresses customer business risks and reduces costs incurred through security breaches and their subsequent recovery
  2. Increases customer / stakeholder confidence by improving the level of trust they have in the security controls put in place to protect their data and private information
  3. Improves collaboration with partners through the use of tools and processes able to provision and manage identity across various organization
  4. Increases employees’ efficiency by minimizing down-time due to security incidents, enabling secure remote access and improving user experience related to the enforcement of security controls
  5. Minimizes implementation risks by relying on AST experts experience in the management of complex projects
  6. Improves operational efficiency, resulting in further cost reduction.

Advanced Security Technologies is designed to be vendor agnostic, enabling the best-in-class security tools and application to be used. We are flexible to work with any Information Security vendor/product and are able to adopt client already-invested security infrastructure into our proven security solution and management process in order to deliver true value to our client.

Our personal goal is to develop the relevant methods and technology with a potential to resolve the most difficult challenges of cyber security. Many institutions and businesses rely on their data and reputation represented in their cyber systems, which could easily become a pray of hackers. What we are trying to achieve through our services is a sentiment of protection for clients, something to rely on, which could make them concentrate on their main activities and worry less about all the menaces of the web.

If you want to become our clients or simply to know more about our offers, please contact us.